Many of these words above don’t readily come to mind when you think of the legal profession.

But what if there was a legal practice that spoke with an entirely different vocabulary? Imagine a law firm that is routinely described by its happy clients as:

Just Like Friends | Always There For You | Over the Moon Amazing | Deeply Understanding & Dependable | Gentle, Caring, Approachable | A Big Part of Our Family.

These are just some of the phrases that our clients have used to describe us. A firm where the values of connecting with real people and contributing to our community is priority.

At EMG Solicitors, we can play legal-word Wimbledon with our adversaries like nobody’s business, but the words that matter most are the ones that flow from our clients and our people.

We work hard in keeping clients at the heart of what we do. We look after our people because they make it work. We also keep hold of ‘what we’re about’ because we know our values and culture impact on the service we deliver.

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