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At EMG solicitors, we appreciate how important it is to protect your family. Whether you are married or living together, have children or not, the issues that arise from family breakdown are stressful and often bewildering. Our family team will support you through any difficulties you are experiencing. We can help and provide expert advice on a whole range of family issues such as divorce and finance, children issues such as residence and contact, civil partnership dissolution and other areas such as surrogacy, contact for grandparents or agreements for people living together or about to get married.

Our solicitors Natalia Lalas and Julia Middleton are collaboratively trained which means that we are able to offer you a different way to resolve any disputes with family members if you wish. Collaborative law is a process designed to help separating couples reach agreement in a constructive and non adversarial way whilst avoiding court. It helps keeps you, in control of your case.

If representation at court is required, then we have the expertise and experience to act for you in court proceedings.

Our solicitors will work with you closely to help find the best solution for you.

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