Services for Employers

HR Support

We are here to help you manage your day to day HR issues and routinely advise our Employer clients on the preparation and implementation of Policies, Practices and Procedures including those relating to Discipline, Performance and Grievances. Most importantly we are committed to the time and patience needed in guiding you to the best outcome every time.

Contracts and Agreements

We are able to help you in identifying and drafting the right Documentation for those working for you be they Employees Workers, Consultants, Volunteers or Directors.

Redundancies and Reorganisations

Getting it wrong in the context of losing your staff for reasons relating to redundancy can be extensive particularly if you employ 20 or more staff. The Law in this area is not straightforward and requires a full understanding in order to avoid the pitfalls. In the context of Reorganisations of your Business we can advise on Contractual variations and on the best practice you need to follow in implementing and managing change.

Sales and Acquisitions

We routinely work with our Commercial property Team in advising Employers selling or buying Businesses and in relation to the requirements and implications of the Law which protects employees involved in a business sale and purchase…the TUPE Regulations. We provide pragmatic advice in easy to understand terms and most importantly at a cost realistic to the value of the deal.


The Equality Act affords substantial protection to individuals recognised as having various protected characteristics in a wide range of employment contexts from recruitment to termination. They include protection from discrimination on the grounds of Age, Beliefs, Disability and Sex. The potential for the unprepared Employer to ‘get it wrong’ is huge and includes exposure to unlimited awards of compensation in the Employment Tribunal. We are able to help you draft the necessary policies and procedures to limit your exposure and to identify potential problems before they become the stuff of nightmares and cold sweats!

Restrictive Covenants

The means by which you can protect your Business from the risks created by ex-employees are strictly prescribed and limited. They are also subject to change and often, a lot of interpretation by the Courts.

We are experienced in advising Employers on the scope and drafting of Clauses in Contracts designed to protect you against the risks of your former employees competing with you and enticing your staff and customers away.

And when necessary we are able to help you take Court Action to prevent your employees damaging your business interests by obtaining an Injunction.

Settlement Agreements

A Settlement Agreement is a means by which an Employer can manage the ending of an employment relationship relatively quickly and safely. The Employment law equivalent of a quickie Divorce!

We have experience in drafting Agreements for Employers to use in a wide range of situations and commit to providing our Employer clients with step by step guidance from the opening of discussions to the completion of the Agreement with the employee concerned.

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Employment Tribunals

We routinely advise our Employer clients in relation to proceedings issued against them in the Employment Tribunal and can offer Representation in a wide range of Claims including Unfair Dismissal, Wrongful Dismissal, Discrimination, Unlawful deduction of Wages and Redundancy. We can offer representation on a fixed fee basis or by monthly billing and in some cases on a Contingency Fee basis.