Notarial Services

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Janine Allison Hobson, Notary Public

Abbey House, Abbeywoods Business Park, Pity Me, Durham, DH1 5TH, England
Telephone: 0191 500 6989


What is a notary public ?

notary public is typically a solicitor who has taken an additional qualification to become a notary. A notary is an officer of the law who holds an internationally recognised public office and  is a member of the oldest branch of the legal profession in England and Wales. A notary public is often required by clients with personal or business matters with an international element.

What does a notary public do ?

The role of a notary public is primarily to verify and authenticate documents for individuals and businesses which are intended to be used and relied on in another country.

A notary public can authenticate many kinds of document. Typical transactions and documents needing the services of a notary public are:

-Conveyancing of land abroad

-Powers of attorney for use abroad

-Applications to study or work abroad

-Emigration applications

-Sale or purchase of foreign investments or shares

-Consents to travel abroad with children

-Marriage or civil partnership abroad

-Certificates of life for individuals claiming pensions abroad

-Certification of copy documents from originals such as passports or driving licences for use abroad

-Documents relating to legal proceedings abroad

-The taking of declarations, affidavits, oaths and acknowledgements on documents or relating to facts destined for abroad

-Shipping protests and bills of exchange

-Company and business documents for use overseas

As part of the authentication process the notary public must verify and certify these essential matters:

-Your identity

-Your capacity (both legal and personal)

-Your authority to act

-Your understanding of the document, transaction and your willingness to be bound

Janine has been a solicitor for over 30 years and also works as a notary public. To view Janine’s profile please click here.

Janine Allison Hobson, Notary Public based at EMG Solicitors, Abbey House, Abbeywoods Business Park, Durham, DH1 5TH is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

For the purposes of notarial services, EMG Solicitors standard terms and conditions do not apply. Please instead refer to Notary Public: Terms and Conditions and Notary Public: Privacy Policy.

Janine Allison Hobson, Notary Public, is covered by EMG Solicitors professional indemnity insurance for notarial services. The professional rules for notaries can be accessed either on The Faculty Office website ( or the Notaries Society website (  Janine Allison Hobson’s  notarial practice is regulated pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007 by the Master of The Faculties through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.