Jemma MorlandDirector

I am a Director at EMG Solicitors Limited and I specialise in Court of Protection and Trust matters. I ordinarily represent clients who are incapacitated, as defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and I often act as a professional deputy and trustee.

I qualified as a solicitor in 2010 after undertaking my training contract at a high street firm in Wallsend. During my training contract, and post qualification, I specialised in family law, housing law, social welfare law and Court of Protection matters. This experience has proved invaluable because it has broadened my understanding of various areas often touched upon by Court of Protection cases.

I have a varied caseload and I manage the affairs of a large number of vulnerable people, usually those who have lost capacity due to an injury at birth, catastrophic accidents, illness or learning disability. I am involved in lots of cases where there is also a personal injury litigation case and I am experienced in both pre and post settlement administration.

As well as regular client contact, I am also responsible for general day to day money management, overseeing financial investments, the completion of annual tax returns, reporting to the OPG, advising on and drafting all types of Court of Protection applications (see our services section for details), close co-ordination with relatives, case managers, carers and therapists and the purchase of assets including suitable accommodation and adapted vehicles. This list is just an example of what my role entails and is not exhaustive.

In addition to my Court of Protection work I manage numerous personal injury trusts, where the client has capacity but their personal injury award needs to be protected, and I also provide advice to lay deputies who want to apply to act as a deputy for a close family member or friend.

Jemma qualified in September 2010.