Mandy CheungSolicitor

I am a solicitor at EMG Solicitors within the Health and Welfare Department. I joined the firm in June 2018.

I studied at Northumbria University and completed my law degree and LPC in 2007. I have previously worked for local authorities, providing legal advice to their Adult’s and Children’s Services Department. This background has provided me with a wealth of experience in all social care matters, from disputes relating to assessments or care packages to cases that are referred to the Court to make a best interests decision.

I specialise in Court of Protection work, where an individual lacks capacity to make decisions for themselves. This can include for example decisions relating to: where they live; their care and treatment; and their finances and I am particularly experienced in deprivation of liberty cases, both within the community and in care home settings. My experience includes making applications to the Court of Protection to obtain court authorisation and dealing with challenges by the individual, a family member or a close friend.

Furthermore, I have experience in Mental Health matters and am experienced in dealing with applications to the Court to displace a nearest relative, including where there is an objection to treatment under s3 Mental Health Act.

As a Solicitor working in this specialist area I am passionate about making a positive difference to my clients lives.

Mandy qualified in October 2012.