Ramsha NayabTrainee Solicitor

Job description

I joined EMG Solicitors in September 2021 as a Trainee Solicitor. My first seat is in the Court of Protection, health and welfare department.


In 2019, I achieved first class honours in Law and Psychology for my undergraduate degree at the University of Sunderland. Since then, I have completed the Graduate Diploma in Law at Northumbria University.

I have extensive experience in many fields. From September 2013 to February 2015, I was a teaching assistant who worked alongside teachers and the Learning Support Team by providing support to students. The role consisted of working with people with special educational needs (SEN) and also contribute to the learning of others in the class. Across the period of January 2014 and October 2015, I have experience of being a retail sales assistant with extensive responsibilities. From October 2016 to October 2018, I was a student ambassador at the University of Sunderland. My job involved being a representative and promoting the university to prospective students and partnered companies.

Alongside my studies, I have made a meaningful contribution to my community through voluntary work. I have received many awards which is recognition of my hard work and dedication to voluntary roles. In April 2018, I obtained the Sunderland Professional Award (SUPA) by the University of Sunderland by successfully demonstrating the development of personal, professional and employability skills. In April 2019, I was awarded with the ‘Unsung Hero’ and ‘SU Buddy of the Year’ by the University of Sunderland, Students’ Union. These awards recognise my outstanding achievement in extra curriculum activities and student engagement. In November 2019, I received ‘Volunteer of the Month’ which recognised the hard work carried out at Citizens Advice.

I have also gained valuable experiences by participating in a leadership development programme organised by Common Purpose in September 2017. This practical experience was further enhanced by participating in a 6-week Discover Enterprise programme organised by the University of Sunderland’s Enterprise Place.

What do you like about EMG Solicitors?

I was first attracted to EMG Solicitors because they give back to the community and put clients in the centre of all it does, so the best service possible can be provided. My idea of how encouraging the people at EMG Solicitors are was reinforced when I met the team during the recruitment process and my first week. The environment makes me feel comfortable as everyone is supportive and even if someone is extremely busy, they always take the time to answer questions. I also like the variety of work, for example no two days are the same.


I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and creating memories. Despite being restricted recently, due to COVID-19 rules, I enjoy travelling to new places and learning about different cultures. I also have a strong passion for volunteering in causes that I believe in.