‘We were represented by Jo Grey who had not long joined EMG at time. Jo is an amazing solicitor who despite many obstacles thrown her way during the case, overcame these and got us our desired outcome. She is very professional, knowledgeable and was upfront and honest throughout the whole case and clear in explaining our options to us at the time. Jo has been an ultimate please to work with and would definitely recommend her to anyone experiencing any Family Law issues....’
‘Jo…..may I take this opportunity to thank you for your work I’m so happy with the professional job that you are doing in this case, your points, your representation in court and your follow up are extraordinary! Thank you very much ...’
‘Emma Gaudern - she is my number one "go to" expert in all matters related to Court of Protection work. Not only academically brilliant, but she possesses that rare quality of being able to distil complex issues into manageable and understandable terms, all while being engaging and pragmatic, with a full understanding of the client's needs and what would best address them. Her costs quotes are also very realistic, with no nasty surprises....’
‘Thank you so so much for all your help, kindness, understanding and patience. I couldn't have asked for a better solicitor....’
‘I would like to once again express my gratitude for all you do for me behind the scenes that I don’t even know about to help me finally be living the right life. I will be forever grateful for you to have directed me in the right direction for each of the specialist that I have worked with over the last 18 months or so.”...’
‘(Ursula)...is very much a 2020 on the ball solicitor, in a 2020 on the ball firm, so l am happy to use them for any work l have. ...’
‘EMG solicitors have been fantastic. They have sorted wills, POA and tenants in common for us. Samantha has also attended the DST and Financial Assessment meetings with me as my husband is now in a care home. Support is invaluable as my family have opted out. Cannot thank you enough....’
‘Richard and the team at EMG Solicitors made my experience of both selling and buying a house seamless from start to finish. Despite being at opposite ends of the country which meant that everything was done remotely I was supported through every step of the process. Richard's communication and ability to put me at ease was second to none....my estate agent even commented that he was the most efficient solicitor that he had worked with! I can't thank Richard and his team enough for such great support though what is usually a very stressful process!...’
‘Richard Swinbank - always updated on progress and felt like he was working for our best interest...’
‘Very helpful and informative, did the hard legal work for you so my task of advising terms of the will was straight forward....’
‘My experience has been stress free, and great courtesy shown by all staff. What could have been a very trying proceedure due to the tragic circumstances was, in fact, softened by sensitive handling throughout. My thanks to all....’