‘I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your hard work and your professionalism that has resulted in this matter finally being brought to an end. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends if they were unfortunate enough to find themselves in the same situation....’
‘I have been represented by Gemma Holmes of EMG in a family matter. I have found Gemma to be a very pleasant, reliable, fair solicitor who has given me sound advice, whilst explaining various options. Gemma responds quickly to issues. I only wish I had been represented by her in the initial part of this matter. I have also found office staff to be pleasant and helpful. I have felt a genuine interest in trying to get things done right....’
Kevin Cosgrave
‘Having to use a lawyer is not always in the best circumstances. When going through a very tough seperation and needing court orders drawn up for my son, I had the pleasure of appointing Gemma Holmes from EMG as my lawyer. I was so anxious and nervous about the whole ordeal but after meeting with Gemma I felt very informed and much better about the situation. Gemma is the consummate professional but has genuine compassion for her clients and you can tell she is very passionate about her career. ...’
‘I wanted to say thank you for all that has been done to conclude everything on my divorce...you and Ally have been so lovely throughout, my dad and I have always been grateful for the way you treated us with respect, professionalism and just having a nice approachable manner, and making us feel we were not a burden in this process. ...’
Miss N
‘No one sets out to be divorced, it is the most painful experience I have ever been through; and to be honest, although this sounds cliched, I don’t think I would have survived it without the support and guidance of Natalia. Much more than just a solicitor she was more like a colleague, a friend, an allied, someone in my corner. When I was blinded by pain, grief or anger Natalia was there as a sounding board and a voice a reason to ensure that the future for me and my two beautiful children was secure. Honest, professional and reliable throughout the whole process I felt I could call on her at anytime. I felt supported and confident in my decisions, fully informed by Natalia’s expertise. I’m proud to say that my ex husband and I managed to settle financial and family matters outside of court and without the need for costly mitigation due to the advice and guidance I received from Natalia. I hope I never have to go through the process again, but if I did I would call on Natalia and EMG solicitors again in a heartbeat....’
‘Hi Julia. Thank you so much for all your efforts to help me . I have to say this would not have happened without you! You are all an amazing team and I really feel you all care !! So thankful to pat for recommending you all , she's such a lovely lady . Our house is beautiful and we are on cloud 9! And more to the point, I’m finally rid of that bully for good! I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone! Thanks a million! JW....’
‘After serving 24 years and one of 9 senior Warrant Officers in a very large Battalion, I will definitely recommend your firm through the Officers and Warrant Officer Mess, this is all due to her hard work, ethics and integrity. Can you pass on my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Natalia....’
‘I am truly grateful to Natalia for giving a clear, honest assessment of my situation. I wasn’t given false hopes – just supportive, reassuring advice which allowed me to re-evaluate and make the best decisions. Natalia, I can never thank you enough or recommend you more highly. You were always on hand as 'a friend' as a well as a solicitor. With you I am certain that there is always hope. Thank you!...’
‘Throughout the period Natalia represented me, I was hugely impressed by the manner in which she conducted the proceedings and acted on my behalf. Nothing was ever a trouble to her, she was always available for contact even on her days off, she was incredibly knowledgeable and I felt absolutely comfortable at all times during a really complex case that I was in the best possible hands. I cannot praise Natalia highly enough – she made a very difficult and at times, very emotional situation so much easier and at the end of it all myself and my fiancée Liz almost felt as if Natalia had become a friend as opposed to my legal representative....’
‘I am writing to thank your firm and in particular Miss Natalia Lalas. She has acted for me in a current case. Her professionalism and work ethic towards my divorce proceedings and gaining rightful contact with my daughter have been excellent. Miss Lalas has been honest, thorough and utterly, intrinsically motivated to resolve all barriers put to her. At court, Miss Lalas was very impressive and in total control at all times. Very rarely have I found myself in an environment that left me lost for direction but with her constant control I always felt confident of success. Without her experience and help, I am sure I would not have been in the position I am in now in with regards to contact with my daughter which means more to me than can be put into words....’
‘When my ex-girlfriend informed me that she intended to split up and take my daughter abroad with her, I was understandably shocked. Despite knowing I was a loving father, there was a very real sense of helplessness. Alongside my lack of knowledge relating to family law, like many people I assumed that any future time with my daughter would be extremely limited. I assumed that the mother would inevitably get 'custody'. Fortunately, a family friend recommended I chat with Natalia and that I explore all options before it was too late… In fact, my first phone call to Natalia was possibly the most important phone call I have ever made. She made me realise that I had a strong case to argue that my daughter should continue to reside with me – remaining in her home city, in her current school, with her friends and a parent who had always been a consistent and positive role model. The follow up conversations with Natalia educated me further. Finally, thanks largely to Natalia, my daughter chose to reside with me and the court settlement ruled in my/my daughter’s favour....’