‘Jemma is very professional and is trusted by her clients who respond to her enthusiasm, sympathetic attitude and warm personality....’
‘You’ve been brilliant... Patient, professional, clearly an expert in your field, but also very kind and understanding.. I would also recommend you to anyone I know who may be unfortunate enough to have similar problems....’
Mr P, North Yorkshire
‘A first class service. Eilish Ferry-Kennington was excellent....’
‘I would like to say a sincere thanks to Jemma and EMG for helping me through a difficult time with a long term tenant who, through ill health was unable to carry on paying the rent and has since moved on to long term care, via the court of protection. If Jemma hadn’t become involved and guided me through the difficult procedures to recover the arrears and regain the possession, I think we may have been struggling through without resolution for many months or even years. I would certainly recommend Jemma and EMG to others in this position as you get the feeling that they really do care about your problems, but also in a very professional manner too....’
‘“ Jemma – I just wanted you know how grateful I am for all your help and assistance at the tribunal, also your concern and caring manner you always have for us all.”...’
‘Their friendly and approachable manner means I pick up the phone without hesitation in the knowledge that I will receive excellent quality and totally correct advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending this firm....’
‘The whole subject of Deputyship is rather humbling and I suspect that listening to Emma Gaudern’s case studies was a sobering experience for all of us… I came away with overwhelming admiration for what she is doing; it is clearly phenomenally challenging at every turn....’
‘The service at EMG has been excellent and I would certainly recommend your firm to friends and family....’
‘All the ladies at EMG, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you all. You do a lot and I appreciate everything you do. I’m not the easiest client in the world, slightly annoying and needy, but thank you to Holly, Vicky, Emma and anyone else I might have spoken to. You’re all fab!...’
‘I have had the most contact with Emma Gaudern. She is totally professional, in my opinion she is an expert in her field. I have total confidence in her ability and I would totally trust her to give excellent, accurate advice. She is very approachable and takes the time to completely understand your specific circumstances, so in turn I know I will always get accurate, approproate and tailored advice....’
‘I would have no hesitation in giving this firm 100% for level of service. They are professional and friendly whenever I contact them. The response times are excellent, e-mails are very often answered same day or if not same day always within a couple of days. Once instructed, they carry out the work efficiently and quickly and I receive regular updates on progress and had never had to chase them. The knowledge this firm has is excellent, they have always given accurate advice to whatever question I have asked or help I have needed, they know the processes within the Court of Protection and give excellent advice guiding me through these procedures. They know their business inside out. They work as a team, so whoever you speak to is able to help, you do not get passed about and each member of the team is very knowledgable. I would rate them as excellent value for money....’