‘When my ex-girlfriend informed me that she intended to split up and take my daughter abroad with her, I was understandably shocked. Despite knowing I was a loving father, there was a very real sense of helplessness. Alongside my lack of knowledge relating to family law, like many people I assumed that any future time with my daughter would be extremely limited. I assumed that the mother would inevitably get 'custody'. Fortunately, a family friend recommended I chat with Natalia and that I explore all options before it was too late… In fact, my first phone call to Natalia was possibly the most important phone call I have ever made. She made me realise that I had a strong case to argue that my daughter should continue to reside with me – remaining in her home city, in her current school, with her friends and a parent who had always been a consistent and positive role model. The follow up conversations with Natalia educated me further. Finally, thanks largely to Natalia, my daughter chose to reside with me and the court settlement ruled in my/my daughter’s favour....’
‘We trust Emma completely. We know she’s an excellent solicitor but she’s also become like a part of our family, and we consider her a friend. I certainly couldn’t have managed without her....’
‘I would have no hesitation in giving this firm 100% for level of service. They are professional and friendly whenever I contact them. The response times are excellent, e-mails are very often answered same day or if not same day always within a couple of days. Once instructed, they carry out the work efficiently and quickly and I receive regular updates on progress and had never had to chase them. The knowledge this firm has is excellent, they have always given accurate advice to whatever question I have asked or help I have needed, they know the processes within the Court of Protection and give excellent advice guiding me through these procedures. They know their business inside out. They work as a team, so whoever you speak to is able to help, you do not get passed about and each member of the team is very knowledgable. I would rate them as excellent value for money....’
‘Natalia is an excellent solicitor that goes beyond her everyday profession. The support that she gave me was second to none from the start. Having to go through one of the most difficult times of my life, and having to attend court that went to trial, Natalia always made me believe in myself and that I was going the right thing for my son’s future. She was always available to speak to when I was finding things difficult. She was always very professional and supportive regarding my gay relationship. I would and have recommended her as a solicitor to anyone needing not only help but support with family and relationship issues....’