‘Throughout the period Natalia represented me, I was hugely impressed by the manner in which she conducted the proceedings and acted on my behalf. Nothing was ever a trouble to her, she was always available for contact even on her days off, she was incredibly knowledgeable and I felt absolutely comfortable at all times during a really complex case that I was in the best possible hands. I cannot praise Natalia highly enough – she made a very difficult and at times, very emotional situation so much easier and at the end of it all myself and my fiancée Liz almost felt as if Natalia had become a friend as opposed to my legal representative....’
‘I am truly grateful to Natalia for giving a clear, honest assessment of my situation. I wasn’t given false hopes – just supportive, reassuring advice which allowed me to re-evaluate and make the best decisions. Natalia, I can never thank you enough or recommend you more highly. You were always on hand as 'a friend' as a well as a solicitor. With you I am certain that there is always hope. Thank you!...’
‘After serving 24 years and one of 9 senior Warrant Officers in a very large Battalion, I will definitely recommend your firm through the Officers and Warrant Officer Mess, this is all due to her hard work, ethics and integrity. Can you pass on my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Natalia....’
‘In addition to being my solicitor, I regard Samantha Edward as a much valued friend. Her admirable legal skills and knowledge are matched by her mature, caring manner. At our first meeting I felt we were on the same wavelength—she listens intently; immediately comprehends; promptly acts according to her client’s needs and wishes. Samantha combines expertise with compassion. I wish Sam and EMG Solicitors, the legal practice she has recently joined, a long and mutually rewarding association. I am happy to know that as EMG Solicitors are located within a convenient car journey from my home, I can continue to rely on Sam for current and future needs....’
‘I was particularly grateful for the arrangements you made during your own holiday time and how smoothly everything went. I’ve heard a great many people complain about their solicitors and have myself dealt with people who’ve been less than professional, so thank you, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends....’
‘Richard and Ally were a pleasure to work with! Truly professional, friendly, consistent, speedy, understanding and dependable through the entire process. Richard’s commitment to this work was outstanding and appreciated....’
‘We are absolutely over the moon with the way you got the house sale through Richard, thank you....’
‘Thank you Sam for everything. All the documents are so comprehensive allowing for all contingencies. We are very impressed with the efficient and clear handling of our affairs....’
‘The whole subject of Deputyship is rather humbling and I suspect that listening to Emma Gaudern’s case studies was a sobering experience for all of us… I came away with overwhelming admiration for what she is doing; it is clearly phenomenally challenging at every turn....’
‘The service at EMG has been excellent and I would certainly recommend your firm to friends and family....’
‘I would just like to say thank you for all your sound advice and approachable manner. We are so glad the case has reached an end, I will certainly recommend yourself and EMG to friends and family....’