‘After such a difficult time with our last solicitor we have been very impressed with your professionalism and highly appreciated the efficient service you have provided us...’
Mrs C
‘You’ve been brilliant... Patient, professional, clearly an expert in your field, but also very kind and understanding.. I would also recommend you to anyone I know who may be unfortunate enough to have similar problems....’
Mr P, North Yorkshire
‘... enjoyed dealing with you. You have a nice friendly manner but are also very professional....’
Mr T, Durham
‘Gwen at EMG solicitors has supported us from day one. They have helped us build and mould our business and we couldn't have done it without them. Their expertise has been second to none, not only have they been our solicitors but also our friend....’
Flat White Cafe
‘No one sets out to be divorced, it is the most painful experience I have ever been through; and to be honest, although this sounds cliched, I don’t think I would have survived it without the support and guidance of Natalia. Much more than just a solicitor she was more like a colleague, a friend, an allied, someone in my corner. When I was blinded by pain, grief or anger Natalia was there as a sounding board and a voice a reason to ensure that the future for me and my two beautiful children was secure. Honest, professional and reliable throughout the whole process I felt I could call on her at anytime. I felt supported and confident in my decisions, fully informed by Natalia’s expertise. I’m proud to say that my ex husband and I managed to settle financial and family matters outside of court and without the need for costly mitigation due to the advice and guidance I received from Natalia. I hope I never have to go through the process again, but if I did I would call on Natalia and EMG solicitors again in a heartbeat....’
‘A first class service. Eilish Ferry-Kennington was excellent....’
‘We were very pleased with the attention and service we received from Ms Turnbull. She was friendly and professional.She listened to our requirements and explained the possible options clearly and in language we could understand. The will-writing and further consultation with us was timely and efficient. The outcome met our expectations and more, and we are very grateful for the assistance we received from Ms Turnbull....’
‘Ursula spoke at great length with me offering advice all the way.  She was a great help. Not many would have been as engaging, or helpful. Contacting a solicitor can be a daunting experience but Ursula was really friendly....’
‘Hi Julia. Thank you so much for all your efforts to help me . I have to say this would not have happened without you! You are all an amazing team and I really feel you all care !! So thankful to pat for recommending you all , she's such a lovely lady . Our house is beautiful and we are on cloud 9! And more to the point, I’m finally rid of that bully for good! I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone! Thanks a million! JW....’
‘I would like to say a sincere thanks to Jemma and EMG for helping me through a difficult time with a long term tenant who, through ill health was unable to carry on paying the rent and has since moved on to long term care, via the court of protection. If Jemma hadn’t become involved and guided me through the difficult procedures to recover the arrears and regain the possession, I think we may have been struggling through without resolution for many months or even years. I would certainly recommend Jemma and EMG to others in this position as you get the feeling that they really do care about your problems, but also in a very professional manner too....’
‘What I love about EMG is that emails are responded to very quickly and the solicitor is at the end of the phone when I call. I remember the days way back (before email) when you couldn’t get past the receptionist at a solicitors. It used to take weeks for a response. EMG are like a breath of fresh air. We are currently using the services to sell our home and so far, I cannot praise Richard Swinbank and Callum Roberston enough. They are both super friendly, super human and super efficient....’