Lumiere Sponsorship

EMG solicitors is proud to be sponsor of the Lumiere Festival which takes place in Durham City every two years.

Organised by Artichoke*, Lumiere is the UK’s largest light festival and has been transforming cities across the UK since 2009. Each Lumiere festival invites local and international artists to create works that reimagine buildings and public spaces, changing the way we experience our environment and the dark, winter nights. This amazing festival brings together hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world.


In 2021, EMG Solicitors proudly sponsored BRILLIANT – a paid commissioning scheme which is open to anyone aged over 18 with a bright idea for a light art work – no previous arts experience is needed. All the details about the commissioning scheme can be found on the Lumiere website at the link below. Successful applicants are supported by Artichoke to develop their winning idea for their light installation to be part of the Lumiere festival programme.

“EMG Solicitors chose to support the BRILLIANT scheme as we think this year more than ever, businesses should be doing everything they can to bring hope and opportunity to others. Having previously sponsored installations in the previous two Lumiere festivals in Durham, we’re delighted to be giving members of the community the chance to be part of something really special.”


In 2019 EMG Solicitors sponsored ‘Fools paradise’ by NOVAK (pictured below), one of “Top 10” pieces being brought back to celebrate a decade of Lumiere in Durham. Much of the imagery used in the artwork comes from local Durham folklore and mythology.


EMG Solicitors were sponsors of the ‘Our Moon’ installation in 2017 (pictured below). This piece was underpinned by a community engagement programme centred on storytelling and imagination and featured the faces of local people from all walks of life. ‘Our Moon’ was projected onto the walls of Durham Castle, one of the city’s most famous landmarks.

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