Spocky dog – Our Durham Office Mascot

Meet Spocky, our Deep Space Canine. Spocky lives in our offices in Durham and was designed and created by artist Hilary Sanderson* for the Great North Snowdogs Trail in 2016.

According to Hilary, somehing about the Snowdog sculpture reminded her of the Star Trek character, Mr. Spock, especially the ears! He is an icon of science fiction, and Hilary hoped to create a Spocky Dog sculpture as a fitting tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, Dr. Spock himself.

Spocky has been on many adventures and was first exhibited as part of the Snowdogs trail before being won at auction by our Managing Director, Emma Gaudern, to raise funds in aid of St Oswald’s Hospice.

Emma was a big fan of the Great North Snowdog trail and after seeing over forty of the dogs out and about in the region with her family, was sold on having one for our business. Lucky for us, Spocky was beamed up and lives with us here in his ‘furever’ home!

Emma said “I have two young children, so doing the Great North Snowdog trail as a family was right up our street. After the trail I knew I really wanted a Snowdog and as Spocky Dog was my little boy’s favourite I decided to go for him. Spocky Dog now lives in our reception and is extremely popular and a great talking point. Not everyone knows about the Great North Snowdog trail or St Oswald’s so we are able to spread the word about the fantastic work they do. He’s quickly become the unofficial firm mascot !”

* Hilary is an experienced artist who uses a variety of media to release her designs. She has been involved in previous Wild in Art projects, designing and painting ‘Garden Gorilla’ for the GoGoGorillas project and ‘Wellington Speedy’ and ‘Wonder Dragon’ for the GoGoDragons project. Hilary also uses timelapse photography to record progress, also featuring her dog Molly.