WonderLAN Charity Ball

Much of the work we do here at EMG Solicitors involves helping those clients who have suffered an injury and require professional deputyship services. Many of our clients have suffered a brain injury which is not just catastrophic for themselves but also impacts on their family and friends.

Brain injuries can happen at birth or as the result of a stroke, a road traffic accident or other injury. Headway is a charity that works tirelessly to increase awareness and understanding of brain injury and assists people to return to the community whilst supporting their family and friends.

Each year EMG Solicitors hosts a charity event to raise money for brain injury sufferers for the ‘Look Ahead in the North’ event which takes adults and children to The Calvert Trust for an unforgettable weekend of outdoor activities.

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If you are interested in attending our WonderLAN Ball or would like details of our sponsorship packages please contact events@emgsolicitors.com